Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 months and 6 months post op

3 months after surgery: Nov. 4
I went down to the piper clinc and i got a CT scan again. I sat in the room for a while and then went into that tiny room with the monitors to tlak to dr.piper. He said I was maknig good progress and that i could start eating 3 meals a week where I can chew anything softer than a meatball. This would start in mid-december.

6 months after surgery: Feb. 16
i went down again and this time I had amazing news. My jaw bone is regenerating!! thats something that wasn't likely to happen at all but it is! Every week i add another meal where I eat soft food.

I LOVE THIS SURGERY. My range of motion is unbelievable. I can move my mouth more than I ever could before. I now only wear my splint at night. Theres been no pain what so ever.


Beth said...

I saw dr. piper on Monday. He says I need the fat graft surgery on my right side.
What was going on with your jaw before the surgery?

Dika said...

I had a severely dislocated disk on my left side as well as a torn miniscus. I'm only 17 and my wisdom teeth would ultimately make my jaw situation aowrse so I had them removed also. My right side was dislocated also, but it wasn't as bad as my left.

ariel said...

Hey, I'm enjoying your blog haha.. as much as I can. I had the surgery this June and had the fat graft/disk removal on both sides. He said that I had bone degeneration and ligament damage.. I hope I'm as lucky as you are with the re-growth. It's incredible though how much more motion.. just a month after surgery I have!

Dika said...

Isn't it great! Trust me! It'll just get better and better! Feel better!

ariel said...

I feel bad for not having pain.. it makes me want to start chewing... actually I had 2 french fries and now have nightmares of Dr. Piper yelling at me and telling me that he could tell that I chewed haha. I applaud you for drinking those drinks.