Monday, July 14, 2008

Initial Consulation

Last Monday, I visited Dr. Piper in St. Petersburg, FL. I was recommended by my TMJ specialist who said I needed a Fat Graft surgery. To tell you the truth, It sounded pretty scary. My specialist told me that I had to get a surgery where the recovery time was about 9 months! I would have to get braces again and he showed me a picture of a girl with her mouth bound shut with rubber bands. Boy, it looked like some new torture technique or something! Anyways, I went down to Florida and I had a thorough exam done at the office. I got a CT Scan, an MRI, some molds made of my teeth, and various other examinations. I also got a chance to talk to Dr. Piper several times during the day. Before the consultation, they sent me a folder with forms I needed to fill out and and very in-depth questions about my jaw and muscles and joints around it. They went over those forms and asked me about my answers on them. Later that day, we (my parents and I) sat down with Dr. Piper and he told us about the problems I had in my jaw and how I would need to have it treated. It turned out I did need a fat graft surgery on my left side and I also need to get my wisdom teeth extracted. I made the appointment for the surgery on July 30th.

The full day consultation costs $1800.00. Dr. Piper does not take any insurance and he makes that clear with his documentation which you have to sign the morning of your consultation.

I had a great first impression of Dr. Piper. He was very patient and never in a hurry. If you had a question he would make sure and thoroughly answer it. He spent as much time with you as you needed.


friend said...

hello Dika

how are you doing now . I hope you are well and recovering. I have got a bad tmj problem. I live in London UK and am thinking of seeing Mark Piper if he can help. I would very much appreciate it if you would let me know about your progress. I am not quite sure how this blog spot works yet .

arielkimble said...

oh I found your blog and find it so helpful and encouraging. I've had my consult with Dr. Piper and I'm getting surgery when my school year ends. I'm having the fat graft surgery done and the disks removed on both sides. I must admit I'm somewhat anxious but I'm hopeful

Dika said...

If you guys are worried or need to talk about your jaw issue, I've been there so I know what you're going through... e-mail me!

ariel said...

Hello Dika.. well I had the surgery this June and everything is more than fine! Immediately after surgery I have more motion than I have had for years.. and I'm still in my teens. Dr. Piper said the disk removal was my only option.. so I decided to get it done. The only thing I dislike is not being able to eat like I would hah! But it's so worth it!

and if you, or anyone wants some answers ask away! I won't lie.. I was scared, but Dr. Piper truly made life better for me. Prior to surgery I couldn't open my mouth to get a spoon in.

Brooke Foster said...

Hello there! My name is Brooke. I've just come upon this while looking up information about my upcoming surgery with Dr. Piper, I'm not quite sure what to expect, so this has been really helpful! I know its been years since y'all had your surgeries, but this will be helpful for me! Thank you so much!